When talking about video hosting, YouTube is the first one you’ll ever think about – it does help your business and brand image spread across the world since the community of audience is really huge.

But YouTube may not be the best choice for hosting business videos – ads will pop up before or during playback, non-related contents in “Recommended videos” lists, lack of detailed analysis of viewers’ behaviors… That’s why you need a video hosting service exclusively for your business – you make the videos, they will take good care of them and help you with promotion and marketing.

There are lots of video hosting sites out there, and here we pick some of the best ones for your reference.



POLYV is a leading-edge video cloud service based in China. Established in 2012, POLYV has owned their unique independent intellectual properties and has been focusing on the technologies of internet videos and streaming.

POLYV provides Video Cloud for video hosting, online classroom, corporate training and branding; Streaming Cloud for live streaming, event broadcast and other business use; and various devices like encoders and streaming cards for even faster, higher-quality livestreams. Besides, the patented PlaySafe™ DRM system provides full-proof solutions to keep the video contents secured from pirates and unwanted audiences.

Recently, POLYV has integrated Video Cloud and Streaming Cloud in its video service, which is ideal for various industries and usage, including online education, business, marketing and media broadcasting.

So far, POLYV has over 30,000 new videos uploaded per day, and more than 3 million views overall, covering over 200 million audiences for their need of learning. The major clients of POLYV includes Tesla, Siemens, Oracle, Linkedin, CCTV, SF Express, Peking University and counting.

2. Panopto


Panopto is one of the leading, fastest growing video hosting provider for business and online education. Panopto has its own application to simplify the process of recording and streaming, reducing the workload of teachers and corporate trainers. It also supports interactions with audience, statistics and marketing, making learning get more effective and efficient.

For the 3rd consecutive year, Panopto is recognised for its completeness of vision and ability to execute. Companies they have served included IBM, Alstom, NOVARTIS, Yale University and so on.

3. Kaltura


Kaltura is an open source video platform based in New York. It operates in four major markets for video based solutions: OTT TV (Over the Top TV), OVP (Online Video Platform), EdVP (Education Video Platform) and EVP (Enterprise Video Platform).

Kaltura has its sets of flexible, full-functioning solutions for different fields and industries. Media, digital publisher, education, government and clinical medicine practices have been benefitted from Kaltura’s video service.

Kaltura has been committed to its core values of openness, flexibility, and collaboration, and is the initiator and backer of the world's leading open-source video-management project, which is home to more than 100,000 community members.

Currently over 300,000 companies and websites are using Kaltura to create value with video. And this is their customers: HBO, TMZ, Nestle, Dartmouth and many other enterprises from different fields. 

4. SproutVideo


SproutVideo is a cost-effective video hosting and video on-demand streaming solution for businesses, websites, and non-profit organizations. It provides all the important features needed for business and marketing video applications, including content protection, interface customization, video publishing and statistics tracking, etc.

Besides general video services, SproutVideo also offers brandable video websites, which are hosted entirely by them. With this feature enabled, they can build a video website around the video content to the client’s heart content, in a matter of minutes. The brandable video sites are available at no extra cost, if already subscribed to their plans or solutions.

SproutVideo has gained reputations among production studios, educators and other professional users, as well as Fortune 500 companies like Thomson Reuters, FedEx, GE and Wework.

5. Brightcove


Brightcove is a video hosting and live streaming company founded in 2004. Proclaiming “pioneer force” of online video, Brightcove has a series of video solutions exclusively for media publisher/broadcaster, corporate training and marketing.

Brightcove has been dedicating to help their clients success with videos, therefore they’d like to provide a complete set of video technology and service to build an ecosystem around the company and fulfill the marketing needs of the clients.

Brightcove is currently serving in many international companies and well-known live events, including Hugo Boss, ANA All Nippon Airways, UKTV and SXSW (South by Southwest).

6. Wistia


Wistia is a professional video hosting service with specially designed analytics and video marketing tools. Their solutions are able to generate new leads and improve companies’ SEO, as well as to help understand viewers better and create better content by analyzing their behaviors and the statistics.

Wistia offers flexible plans and pricing models, from totally free plan for just a taste, to more engaged Pro and Premium plans for those who really need high quality video services.

Besides, Wistia is ready for agencies, sales and developers as well. Companies like Hubspot, Harvard University, Uberflip and Percolate are all using Wistia’s products.

7. Vimeo Pro/Business


Vimeo is a worldwide video sharing platform like YouTube. However, it also provides paid plans (Plus, Pro and Business) for more advanced features for personal portfolio and business use.

The paid plans allow removing ads from the video content, setting up security options (e.g. domain restriction), creating groups for managing uploaded videos, etc. They also provide more capacity, higher resolution for uploading the videos.

And for Business plan, if you want to start your video marketing production, Vimeo can even send a professional team to help you realize the ideas.

8. Vzaar


Founded in London, 2007, Vzaar is one of the earliest business video services, exclusively serving for eBay sellers at that time. After expanding beyond the eBay community, Vzaar began serving for more businesses and enterprises. 

Over the years, Vzaar has been dedicating to the technologies that make video playback faster and more secured, as well as monetizing for clients from their videos. They have various solutions for e-commerce, marketing, publishing, agencies, and personal use like online education and developers.

Currently Vzaar has clients from various fields, including Warwick Business School, Mysoft, Quondos, Bravo, IBM and so on.

9. Haivision


Haivision is a video solution provider with headquarter in Montreal, Canada, providing end-to-end video streaming solutions for recording, encoding, managing and distributing secure video content.

Haivision’s streaming solutions power a wide range of applications such as enterprise communications, internal training and assessment, online education and medical science.

Apart from the streaming plans and solutions, Haivision also provides professional devices for streaming, OTT TV and other uses, such as H.265 encoders/decoders/transcoders, digital signage systems, set-top boxes, gateways and more.

Haivision has successfully conducted projects of live event broadcasting like London Olympics 2012, and put into service in famous companies and organizations like BP (British Petroleum), Lifetime Networks, Purdue University and NASCAR. Haivision also signs contracts with US government departments like US Army, Air Force, Marine Corps, Dept of Defense, Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) and NASA.

10. Vidyard


Originally founded as Redwoods Media in 2010, Vidyard is one the first video production companies that offers video hosting, analytics, and performance guarantees. Envisioning the future needs of customers, the potential of video, and the power of analytics, Vidyard has been focusing exclusively on video marketing technology.

Along with hosting clients’ video content, Vidyard is able to deal with viewer analytics and engagement data to study viewers’ behaviors, and then push the results directly into the MAP and CRM for clients’ reference. Also, Vidyard has special tools to optimize videos for peak performance, to make important decisions and take action across their business.

The customers Vidyard Linkedin have included Lenovo, Honeywell, Groupon and Virgin America.


Those 10 business video hosting sites are just some suggestions and recommendations from us, and the plans may not be suitable for you or your business. And of course, there are many more choices apart from that, so we recommend you doing some research and comparisons among the video hosting sites you like, and then identify the one (or ones, maybe) that works best for you.

Happy video hosting!